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Sunday Night

These quiet moments —
sitting in my apartment with you,
I in one chair
you on the couch across the room
the dog lying on the floor between us —
these quiet moments
are what I live for,
when I can sit in total silence
being alone with you.

Snow falls outside,
piling up on the sidewalks
and our cars; by morning
there will be
six inches of white powder
covering, silencing all.

From inside we watch
the snow through the window,
a white hush outside
but a gentle guitar strumming
and a soothing voice in here,
from your laptop
playing Iron and Wine
as a backdrop to the coziness
we’ve created together.

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Red and yellow leaves
Fall slowly from barren trees,
Revealing winter.

Cold fear, brusque unease,
The quiet disquietude:
That which is to come.

The depths of winter,
Howling wind, blustering snow —
And then: all is still.

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