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It isn’t easy to

It isn't easy

It isn’t easy to
be vulnerable
land of
close to
a dream.
all I

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Sonnet #2

Brick by brick the craftsman came, laying
A lifetime of ramparts and sealing the cracks
With unyielding mortar, firm and staying,
To shield cloistered parapets from outside attacks.
Lacking external enmity did Time intervene
And dust the walls with steely abandonment
Isolating them from outside — save a keen
Rogue with utmost resolve, a dogged gent
With hammer and chisel, who — facing a wall —
Saw hidden beauty beneath Time’s neglect,
And sought to unmask its shroud, brighten its pall,
And its Delphic light within resurrect.
Finally infiltrating the fort he spied
The requited gaze of curious hazel eyes.

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