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What’s He Doing In There?

An homage to Tom Waits

What’s he doing in there?
What the hell is he doing in there?
There’s a sign on the gate saying “go away”
But the lights blaze at all hours of the day

He’s up to something, we know
On a hill up that long driveway
And he always keeps the gate shut
To keep in that one mangy mutt

They say he’s a widower and fought in the war
And he wears the same clothes, always grey
When he waters the flowers on his walkway —
At least, he used to before

He only goes out now to check the post —
The only time we catch a glimpse, almost
We can’t see inside; we’re too far away
What’s he doing in there?

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Cemetery Portraits

Uncle Ned
went to bed
on a Sunday at a quarter past eight.
Come the new dawn
and he was gone,
well on his way to meet his fate.

Aunt Caroline
in the springtime
took a walk out in the pouring rain.
When they found her
it had drowned her—
she would never see the sun again.

Uncle Herman
delivered a sermon
of fire and brimstone at the people’s church.
He expired
preaching hellfire;
now he’s six feet underneath his perch.

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