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Sonnet #1

How long ago seems spring’s saccharine bloom,
When Earth thirstily shed her wintry shawl
To ripen and unfurl her flowery plumes;
Eagerly did she the sun beckon withal,
Inviting fauna world over to graze
Upon her sweets. With sunlight glowing anew,
Heat burst from her soul in a euphoric blaze
And filled roses with color and morning with dew.
‘Twixt equinoxes nature’s ardor burned
Hot with midsummer fever — ere the frost
Of wintertide took sudden hold. Autumn turned
Earth’s rivers to droughts, her felicity lost.
Left untouched, summer falls to winter decay,
Yearning again for spring while the sun is away.

[Loosely inspired by William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 98]

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[Note: This was a piece I was inspired to write after reading the following quote. However, I couldn’t come up with an original plot to accompany it, and I ended up scrapping it. This short section of the story was the part I liked and decided to keep; it’s obviously unfinished.]

“[A] Whore can govern the Back-stars, the Back-stairs a Council, and the Council a Senate.” Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift

When all the men I’ve fucked are in the same room, they know. Oh, they read their agendas and drink their coffee and peer through their bifocals at their newspapers, but they’re all sweating nervously; they know the secret the others hold, but none of them will go near it. It’s as if they feel dirtier now, realizing the naughty transgression they’ve committed without their wives and friends catching wise, and they can’t hide it.

Instead, they legislate.

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