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Prompt #2: A piece in which something is broken

Prompt #2: A piece in which something is broken

The first thing he saw upon entering the front door was his wife prostrated on the kitchen floor, a puddle of broken glass digging harshly upward into her knees and the makings of today’s dinner, scalloped potatoes, overturned onto the linoleum floor in front of her. She jumped when she heard the door close, and a sob escaped her lips when she saw her husband enter the room cautiously.

“Oh, you scared me,” she sniffed through her tears, wiping her eyes hastily with the back of her trembling left hand. Her wedding ring left a faint scratch on her cheek as it brushed across her skin.

She looked down at her knees and couldn’t help but emit a small chuckle, which was then enveloped by another tearful heave. “God.” Her hands shook as she held them out palms down; when she turned them over, they were spotted with scratches and blood from landing hands-first onto the glass shards.

He quickly dropped his briefcase into the nearest kitchen chair and hastened to his wife’s side. “What happened?” he said gently. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes.” She nodded, then immediately shook her head. Another wave of fear lurched over her uncontrollably. “No. Hold me.”

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