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Letters to Joseph

Note: Here’s another unfinished piece. I liked the idea of writing essentially a ‘fanfiction’ version of Jesus Christ Superstar, which is itself a sort of fanfic of the Bible. But I got bored with it pretty quickly. Here’s what I had when I stopped writing it.

* * *

“We can write the gospels so they’ll all talk about us when we’ve died.”
— Jesus Christ Superstar

January 18
Dear Joseph,

Forgive me for my scant correspondence of late; I have scarcely a moment to collect my thoughts these days. However much the border agents try to hush the gossip here, I am sure you have heard of your son’s rising infamy in our country; I must be careful what I write to you, but I feel comforted knowing you are well-informed — there is a chance we will have to flee, and I hope your offer for shelter still stands. But for now, destroy my letters when you read them, and we will remain safe.

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