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Dead Skin

You can’t see her tattoos, but they’re there. The vivid ink on her chest, hips and legs somebody’s covered them up in a simple black dress with accompanying lace around the neck. If you really wanted to see them, you could glance at her V-shaped neckline and see a hit of some black ink on her chest above her breasts, but you probably won’t peek. So they’re my little secret; only I know what’s hidden there.

Her first tattoo, the one everyone can see,  is curled around her right arm, a simple, elegant floral vine of black roses and thorns draping  around her elbow and up her forearm to resemble a creeping ivy wall on an old brick building. It’s faded now. The  sunlight and weight loss and razor blades have taken away some of its initial luster. It looks greyer than ever against her own grey skin.

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Here It Is Quite Quiet

The four dead girls met David Korobkin at his office on a dreary April morning, three months before he read the letter. On paper, they were routine homicides, each with extreme head trauma in apparent gunshot-inflicted injuries. Nothing Korobkin hadn’t seen before. In the seven years he had been head of the regional Criminal Investigations Department, he’d stumbled upon dozens of victims, some as peaceful as a drowned infant in a bathtub, some as gruesome as a burned, stabbed woman he’d found last November. He glanced again at the coroner’s report.

“Mornin’, chief,” said Korobkin’s deputy, Ilya Petrovich, elbowing open the door with an armful of pyshkis. “Hungry?” Korobkin reached for the sticky doughnut absentmindedly as he flipped through the report. “So the slab’s got some girls downstairs, I see,” he said. “You checked ’em out yet?”

Petrovich nodded expectantly, watching Korobkin read the report. “Yeah, just got back. They’re fresh.” Korobkin frowned and flipped the report over: filed Tuesday, April 30. And received, he thought. There was a silence as both men chewed distractedly on their breakfast and Korobkin skimmed through the report carelessly.

Interesting case, he thought, nodding in approval. Four young women under the age of 23. Cause of death: head trauma. No signs of sexual abuse. Identities currently unknown; fingers and faces disfigured. It was the kind of investigation that delighted him.

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would you lie down in the middle of the road for me?

don’t ask me that, you know i would

then say you’re sorry

i can’t

all you have to do is just say it

i won’t

i’ve said sorry to you for things i have no right to be sorry for


do you love me?

i don’t love you because you won’t marry me

well, if you would just say you’re sorry

it’s not that easy

but i’m still your family

fuck you, you’re not my family

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